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1.    Prep: The best way to disentangle an entangled hair is to begin at the tips, combing downwards and then carefully work your way up to the roots, always using that same downwards motion.

Use a wide-tooth comb to smoothen hair before washing with maximum care to ensure you do not to pull or stretch the hair fibers. 

2.    Wet: Hold your wig with one hand and use the other to pour lukewarm water over the hair. The hair just needs to be wet, but not soaking wet.

3.    Wash: Put a small amount of shampoo on the hair and work the shampoo through the hair. Afterwards, rinse the hair clean, being careful not to squeeze or wring the wig. Ensure you have removed all of the shampoo thoroughly, as a build-up of leftover shampoo can create a matted, greasy look (and no one wants that). Repeat this step if necessary.


4.    Condition: Apply a small amount of conditioner on the hair and work it through, letting it sit for a few minutes. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

5.    Dry: Remove your wig from the water and place it in a towel. Gently pat out any excess water with a towel. Do not twist, rub or heavily brush the wig whilst wet. Gently comb into shape from crown to tips. Allow to air dry on a wig stand.



1.    Dab rubbing alcohol along your hairline where you’ll place the wig glue. Alcohol removes oils and makeup that can interfere with the glue sticking to the wig. Apply scalp protector along your hairline. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive.

2.    Take your wig and place it on your head. Using the long end of a comb, part the hair just above your ear and carefully cut the excess lace that’s around your ear and hairline.

3.    Adjust where you want your wig to be secured if necessary. If you need extra help remembering where to place your lace, use a nude lip pencil (that matches your skin tone) to trace dots along your hairline where you want your lace positioned. 

4.    Apply thin coats of your desired adhesive  (Got2be/ Lace Glue/ Tape), we advise a maximum of 5-6 layers. Avoid placing glue on your hair. We recommend letting the glue airdry, so that it sets properly. Blow-drying is also possible, but on a cool setting, Wait until glue feels tacky. 

5.    Pull the lace forward over the top of glue and make sure it’s in the desired spot before pressing the lace into the glue. Use a tail comb to press the lace into the adhesive

6.    Style your baby hairs as desired and then apply a wig band to lay your frontal.


Please avoid any heat like hair dryers 24 hours after lace application. This is to prevent the lace from lifting.



  • Heat protector

  • Mousse

  • Serum 

  • Styling wax

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